One of the many prime beaches this country has to offer. The skills already honed, the faces are familiar, and the fun keeps coming in new and exciting ways! Thanks to everyone who joined us again!

Amount of collected trash: 181.5 kg




We've planned enough, woke up early, loaded up the equipment and got on our way, never knowing who will show up... with the usual cloud of uncertainty hanging above us. "The journey is the destination".

An abundance of young souls shined light on the shade created by our gazebo. Each time a bigger crowd, a deeper interest and an upgraded activity. An incredible amount of garbage bags filled with waste, a harmony of people acting, giving and loving was visible across the shore.

This would not be possible without you, the waste wouldn't have been collected without you, the family couldn't have grown without you. This is a huge thank you to all of you who came, filled the beach with giving and emptied it of trash.

Amount of collected trash: 200 kg